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Outdoor GYM Matt Inflatable Air Track

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Air Track

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Tuo Yi Inflatables

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1 pc

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Product Description

Outdoor GYM Matt Inflatable Air Track

The inflatable air track is a good inflatable mattress for gymnastics. With them, people can do exercise together in a happy atmosphere, such as jump, dance and roll etc.

Inflatable Air Track Gymnastics are made by double wall fabric ( which also called drop stitching fabric ). And double wall fabric have 3 dimensional woven structures which 2 base fabrics are connected with numerous spacer threads. With this material, the inflatable air track can have a bouncing floor. So it will much helpful for performers of gymnastics.

Features of Inflatable Yoga Matt: 
1. The Air Track Mat is relatively light and easy to set up in your yard, home or gym
2. The Air Track Mat can be placed on any floor
3. The required pump is very light
4. Pressure is easily customized within seconds
5. Inflating and deflating is done in within 5 minutes
6. No noise during training (continuous inflation is NOT required)
7. The Air Track Mat maintains its pressure for hours
8. Easily portable (roll it up like a sleeping bag)
9. The takeoff is soft, which helps prevent injuries
10. The rebound makes you jump higher, providing more air- time to work on your technique
11. The surface is completely flat and the pressure can easily be adapted to your weight and level


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Air Track Safety MattAir Track Safety Matt

Yoga Air MattYoga Air Matt

GYM Air MattGYM Air Matt

Inflatable Air TrackInflatable Air Track

Inflatable Air MattInflatable Air Matt